Artist Collections

LANG takes great pride in providing our customers with the best calendars, cards & stationery, and home decorations, but none of these fine products would be possible without the stunning artwork from beloved LANG artists like Susan Winget, Linda Nelson Stocks, & Marjolein Bastin! LANG takes the best artwork from our favorite artists and create collections you can’t find anywhere else. Our LANG artist collections including everything from calendars and planners to coffee mugs, Christmas cards, and country home décor perfectly suited for you, your home, and your tastes.

Check out our featured LANG artists below!

  • Karen Good

    Karen Good

  • Debi Hron

    Debi Hron

  • Linda Nelson Stocks

    Linda Nelson Stocks

  • Kelly Rae Roberts

    Kelly Rae Roberts

  • Caroline Simas

    Caroline Simas

  • Bill Saunders

    Bill Saunders

  • Jane Shasky

    Jane Shasky

  • Barbara Anderson

    Barbara Anderson

  • Lisa Kaus

    Lisa Kaus

  • Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

    Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

  • Debbie Taylor-Kerman - NEW

    Debbie Taylor-Kerman - NEW

  • Chad Barett - NEW

    Chad Barett - NEW

  • Eliza Todd - NEW

    Eliza Todd - NEW

  • Greg Gorham - NEW

    Greg Gorham - NEW

  • Evelia Sowash

    Evelia Sowash

  • Lori Siebert

    Lori Siebert

  • Laura Berry

    Laura Berry

  • LoriLynn Simms

    LoriLynn Simms

  • Lowell Herrero

    Lowell Herrero

  • Marjolein Bastin

    Marjolein Bastin

  • Mary Singleton

    Mary Singleton

  • Thomas Kinkade

    Thomas Kinkade

  • Mort Kunstler

    Mort Kunstler

  • Persis Clayton Weirs

    Persis Clayton Weirs

  • Susan Bourdet

    Susan Bourdet

  • Sam Timm

    Sam Timm

  • Suzanne Nicoll - NEW

    Suzanne Nicoll - NEW

  • Susan Winget

    Susan Winget

  • Terri Conrad

    Terri Conrad

  • Terry Redlin

    Terry Redlin

  • Tim Coffey

    Tim Coffey

  • Wendy Bentley

    Wendy Bentley

  • Warren Kimble

    Warren Kimble