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If you’re looking for some high-quality melamine or ceramic dinnerware, then come to LANG! Great for everything from outdoor dining on the patio to decorating your kitchen, LANG’s attractive dinnerware collections offer the fun, vibrant colors and artwork from LANG artists that our customers have come to love. Your guests will adore your beautiful ceramic plate sets and melamine trays, all while making entertaining look effortless! Try pairing your dinnerware collections with our decorative table linens and country kitchen decorations for a truly beautiful kitchen.

Check out LANG’s selection of dinnerware collections below!

  • Apple Orchard

    Apple Orchard

  • Fresh From the Farm

     From the Farm

  • Botanical Blossoms

    Botanical Blossoms

  • Color My World

    Color My World

  • Casual Classics

    Casual Classics

  • Geraniums


  • French Sunflowers

    French Sunflowers

  • Coastal View

    Coastal View

  • Botanical Harvest

    Botanical Harvest

  • Chalkboard Snowman

    Chalkboard Snowman

  • Estate Wine

    Estate Wine

  • Farmer's Market

    Farmer's Market

  • Botanical Birds

    Botanical Birds

  • Batik


  • Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden

  • Capri


  • Fiesta


  • Greenhouse


  • Floridian


  • Herb Garden

    Herb Garden

  • House Wine

    House Wine

  • Kitchen Whimsy

    Kitchen Whimsy

  • Gilded Wine

    Gilded Wine

  • Le Fleur Poppies

    Le Fleur Poppies

  • Let's Get Cooking

    Let's Get Cooking

  • Lake Life

    Lake Life

  • Paris Sunflower

    Paris Sunflower

  • Pasta Sets

    Pasta Sets

  • Peony Garden

    Peony Garden

  • Paris Travel

    Paris Travel

  • Pier


  • Pine Lodge

    Pine Lodge

  • Rustic Rooster

    Rustic Rooster

  • Indigold


  • Seasoned with Love

    Seasoned with Love

  • Spice Flowers

    Spice Flowers

  • Spring Floral

    Spring Floral

  • Tasting Room

    Tasting Room

  • Sunny Day

    Sunny Day

  • Tunisian Sunset

    Tunisian Sunset

  • Tuileries Garden

    Tuileries Garden

  • Tuscan Rooster

    Tuscan Rooster

  • Virtue Grows

    Virtue Grows

  • Villa Collection

    Villa Collection

  • Walk In The Woods

    Walk In The Woods

  • Wine Country

    Wine Country

  • Winter Holiday

    Winter Holiday