Cacophony Of Color 500 Piece Puzzle

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Tiny bits of hand-painted paper create a spectacular collaged peacock image in LANG's Cacophony of Color 500-Piece Puzzle. Completed, this jigsaw puzzle becomes a vibrant 18 x 24 paper painting by artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. The puzzle's precision-cut pieces and art print reference guide are great features that make it a fun and challenging family pastime or a wonderful gift.

  • Finished with an elegant linen embossed paper
  • Uniform precision cut pieces
  • 500-piece format
  • Gap-free, secure locking
  • Pieces in plastic, resealable, dust-free bag
  • Art print and guide at 50% of puzzle size
  • Puzzle size when finished: 24w x 18h
  • Box dimensions: 8w x 8h x 2d
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