Believe In Wonderful 500 Piece Coloring Puzzle

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Artwork By: Debi Hron
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Looking for a challenge? LANG's 500-Piece Coloring Puzzles make for the ultimate group activity. Line up the pieces to create a coloring design by Debi Hron in the Believe In Wonderful 500-Piece puzzle, then have fun coloring in the pieces on premium art matte paper! Featuring precision cut pieces and art print guide for visual reference, LANG coloring puzzles are fun for the whole family!

  • Designs range from beginner to expert level
  • Finished with matte art paper
  • 500 precision cut pieces
  • Gap-free, secure locking uniformed pieces
  • Pieces in plastic, resealable, dust-free bag
  • Art guide print at 50% of puzzle size
  • Puzzle size when finished: 24w x 18h
  • Box dimensions: 8w x 8h x 2d
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